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If you are contemplating becoming a professional graphologist, or if you are already qualified as one, you may be encouraged to know that this international body exists, to bring together many of the world’s leading practitioners in the field.

The International Graphological Colloquium  (IGC)  held at Cambridge University played host to graphologists from 70 countries, with the collective aim of  sharing our graphological researches, comparing methods to find common ground in interpretive analysis,  and to discuss developments in scientific validation. 

With regard to finding “common ground”, the IGC’sInternational Manual of Graphology “ is a highly respected collaborative work (UK, Europe, USA & Canada)  to establish the key fundamentals of modern graphology. 

Furthermore, to highlight the important developments towards scientific validation, our Swiss and German colleagues have collaborated in online test-trials, and most lately their collected researches have been published in the much welcomed  2018 publication Handwriting Research Validation& Quality”

From its inception in 1988, the IGC’s principal aim is one of attaining, through collaborative professional analysis, a true and recognisably accurate description of a persons’ character from the same sample of that person’s handwriting - no matter where in the world the graphological analysis is undertaken. 
From the outset, we have made a point of inviting individuals from a wide range of well-regarded graphological societies and training establishments.  Our collegial associates know that our colloquiums are cross-border learning experiences that investigate serious-minded topics in an open and friendly manner.  We try to make our programs as interactive as possible.

We welcome primarily professional graphologists and serious advanced students and, occasionally, interested persons from the world of psychoanalysis, and human understanding.


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