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The International Graphological Colloquium (IGC), is a non-profit organisation, founded in 1998 by Ted Barnett from the USA, along with professional graphologists: from the USA, Canada, France and The Netherlands, By 1999 it had gathered members from Switzerland, the UK, Germany, Belgium, Italy, and Spain, and its reach continues to expand.

The core aim of the IGC was, and is, to strive towards an increased level of congruence and harmonization throughout the world of graphology.  Despite the potentially limiting factor of graphologists being taught their different methods in their different countries, our singular aim is that of attaining a true and recognisably accurate description of a persons’ character from the same sample of the persons’ handwriting no matter where in the world the graphological analysis is undertaken.

Besides performing these cross-continent comparative analyses, we address specific graphological and related topics including new developments in the field, giving opportunities for participants to exchange views, learn from one another, thereby enriching their professional experience. From the outset, we have made a point of inviting individuals from a wide range of graphological societies and training establishments who are open-minded and collegial in order to foster a congenial cross-border learning experience. We try to make our programs as interactive as possible.

The first colloquium was held in Montreal in 1998 and attended by professional graphologists, all conversant in English and from twelve different countries. Half the program was devoted to comparative analyses, which has been our practice in the meetings which followed: Basel 1999, Barcelona 2000, Dijon 2002, Paris 2003, Quebec City 2004, Florence 2006, Quebec City 2007, Cambridge UK 2009 and 2010. There was also a week-long seminar in Urbino 1999. Our next gathering will be in Cambridge in April 2016 - see our Events page for details.

At Cambridge in April 2013 the IGC launched its latest book “International Manual of Graphology” Please go to our Latest Publications page to read more details and order a copy.

We welcome primarily professional graphologists and serious advanced students and, occasionally, interested persons from the world of psychoanalysis, and human understanding.


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